For Global Communication
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Let's Communicate! Mari Kita Berkomunikasi !
This site is for the persons who want to communicate
with many people around the world. Share the information of
their countries and exchange the knowledge of language.
 Where are you from?
*Where are you from? 1 --- Use it just like a guest book
*Where are you from? 2 --- Find your country and leave message.

Find ePal at BBS
29 categories. Find your ePals with similar interests. If it is not enough,
click here. More than 200 categories. You can create your category.

Recommend your country
Please suggest a useful site to recommend your country, post local
information of your country. Use links, Data Base and BBS. These
information would be helpful to know about your country.
People engaged in business can promote your site.

Exchange Language
English, BM (Malay language) and Japanese are focused on. If you are
interested in teaching English, BM, Japanese, please enter the BBS.

Machine Translation and Human Translation
Machine Translation between 24 language is available. Try also Chat
and BBS with the assistance of machine translation. 8 languages can
be used. Human translation of English to Japanese and vice versa is
also available.

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